Professional end of tenancy cleaning is a complete top to bottom package for cleaning that is designed particularly for the rented properties.

Who has to clean what?

The tenants are the in charge of every day cleaning along with the maintenance in the home. They could be detained answerable if they agree to lack of cleanliness to root an increase of the health hazards illnesses, mould and pest infestation. The elimination of all these hazards is expensive as well as the renters will be charged for the invoice.

In some of the shared construction areas, the cleaning duty is usually a task of the landowner. Some of the specialized industrial cleaning services in the home are considered to be a responsibility of the property owner. A good example of this would be the gutter cleaning, which is the responsibility that is handled by the landlord.

Tenants could do their own professional end of tenancy cleaning. The landowner can’t ask them or pressurize them to use the industrial cleaning services by the professional end of tenancy cleaning company. The owner could only request them to maintain the equivalent level of cleanliness as it was recognized into the shift in the inventory report